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The key problem of 2023 for the Russian labor market has become an acute shortage of personnel. The way out of the situation is to hire foreign citizens.

Labor migrants can be both highly qualified specialists and people of working professions. The advantage of hiring migrants is their high motivation and low salary expectations.

For employers who want to register foreign workers in the staff of their company and at the same time be sure of full compliance with Russian laws, we offer migration outsourcing services

Professional approach
For the correct registration of a foreign citizen for a job, experience and knowledge of many nuances in the field of migration are necessary.
Cost optimization
Savings of up to 30% on personnel and migration specialists.
You will save financial resources on the salary of full-time specialists
Absence of risks
The absence of sanctions from the inspection authorities for unreliable or incorrectly executed documents of foreign citizens.
Your HR department does not need to deal with the verification and registration of documents of foreign workers
Migration outsourcing is ...
*In case of non-compliance with these regulations, even because of one migrant or one incorrectly executed document, the employer faces a fine of up to 1,000,000 rubles or suspension of the company's activities for up to 90 days
Document management
Recruitment of personnel
Checking and controlling the deadlines of all documents
Personnel document management
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents for referral on behalf of the migrant to the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Submission of a notice of admission/dismissal of an employee to the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Recruitment of personnel
Our services
Selection and provision of foreign personnel for your project. Conclusion of the contract.
Verification and control
Accounting of employees' registration documents for their availability and relevance

We will discuss the needs and features of your project.
We will prepare a commercial offer for you and conclude a contract
The beginning of cooperation
Recruitment of personnel
We will search for candidates and conduct interviews
(if necessary)
Request and verification of permits of foreign employees
Conclusion of contracts
If the documents comply with the requirements of the legislation, we will conclude contracts with employees
We will pay for the services of employees
We will provide a report on the work done and issue an invoice
Cooperation scheme
And this is our manager Olga.
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